Requirements to work in Canada in the Canadian experience category

Applicants who have previously lived or are still living in Canada and who have gained some work experience in Canada can apply for permanent residence under the Work Experience in Canada category.

The Experience Canada category is one of the fastest ways to immigrate, work and live in Canada. Having at least one year of work experience is one of the most important requirements when applying for this program. The program creates a path to permanent residence for immigrants who have lived in Canada, gained some work experience, and have also adapted to environmental and climate change in Canada.

However, not all jobs and skilled experience are valid, a valid work experience or job type should be classified under the following:

  • A Managerial Job or Position (Should fall under the NOC Skilled Type 0)
  • A Professional Job or Position (Should fall under the NOC Skilled Type A)
  • A Technical or Skilled Trade Job or Position (Should fall under the NOC Skilled Type B)

Requirements to Work In Canada Under Canada Experience Class

Candidates interested in applying through the Canada Work Experience Class must meet the following criteria:

Are Students Qualified to Apply Under This Program?

International students in Canada who have studied a full-time undergraduate or graduate program for a minimum of 2 academic years, then you are eligible to apply. Students have an upper hand because they are permitted to apply for a post-graduate work permit after they graduate. The post-graduate work permit will allow them to remain in Canada, work for any employer, and gain meaningful work experience to apply for the Canadian Work Experience.

How to Apply Under The Canadian Work Experience Class

  • Applying for this program is quite easy, the most important thing is to ensure you meet the requirements and provide the necessary documents as well. The first step to this process is to create an express entry profile, there you will join the express entry pool, and if you meet the requirements you will be nominated to apply for permanent residence.
    For candidates applying within Canada, your application will be processed at the Centralised Intake Office, and for those outside Canada, it will be processed at the Ottawa Case Processing Pilot Center.
  • Your application will be reviewed by an immigration officer and after which you will be called up for an interview with an immigration officer.
  • You should also have paid the permanent resident fee and undergone a medical test and passed. After that, you will receive your permanent resident status card
  • Applicants who already lived or still live in Canada, and have gained some working experience in Canada can apply for permanent residence through the Canadian work experience class.
  • Must have worked in a full-time job position for a year or more, with a legal work permit, or you can also work part-time but the hours worked must equal the number of hours worked in full-time.
  • Candidates are required to apply through the Canadian experience class within three years when they gained the experience.
  • The language requirement is also an important factor. Canada has two official languages, English and French Language. you must be proficient with one or both languages and must have a valid test report proof to show for it.
  • The Canada Work Experience Class does not apply to candidates who are living or working in Quebec. Quebec has its own program called Quebec Experience Class that performs the same task for the province.
  • So, if you are a Refugee Claimant in Canada, or you worked/work in Canada without a valid work permit or resident status, you are disqualified to apply under this stream.

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